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The MagicianMovie: One Way Trip (English title) / Glory Day (Korean English title)
Revised romanization: Geulroridei
Hangul: 글로리데이
Director: Choi Jeong-Yeol
Writer: Choi Jeong-Yeol
Producer: Ahn Byung-Rae, Lim Soon-Rae
World Premiere: October 3, 2015 (Busan IFF)
Release Date: March 24, 2016
Runtime: 93 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea




Yong-Bi (Ji Soo), Sang-Woo (Suho), Ji-Gong (Ryoo Joon-Yeol) and Doo-Man (Kim Hee-Chan) are four 20-year-old friends. They take a trip to Pohang for one night and 2 days for Sang-Woo who is about to enlist in the military. At night, they drink on the beach and watch the night view of the sea. At that time, the friends see a woman being beaten by a man. They run to save her.


  1. Filming began May 1, 2015 and finished June 7, 2015.


One Way Trip-Ji Soo.jpgOne Way Trip-Suho.jpgOne Way Trip-Ryoo Joon-Yeol.jpgOne Way Trip-Kim Hee-Chan.jpg
Ji SooSuhoRyoo Joon-YeolKim Hee-Chan
One Way Trip-Kim Dong-Wan.jpgOne Way Trip-Moon Hee-Kyung.jpgOne Way Trip-Yoo Ha-Bok.jpg
Kim Dong-WanMoon Hee-KyungYoo Ha-Bok
Yong-Bi’s older brotherJi-Gong’s motherDoo-Man’s father

Additional Cast Members:

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